How to Use ICAL Trending Capcut Template?

Today through this article I will tell you that by using ICAL Trending Capcut Template, you can edit any reel very well in one click because in the present time, many people are using this template in their reels. His video is going viral.

That’s why if you also want to make a video of a photo or add a nice effect to a video, then you can use ICAL Trending Capcut Template and when you read this article completely once, you will understand it well. I will come to know how to use this template.

ICAL Trending Capcut Template
ICAL Trending Capcut Template

How to Use ICAL Trending Capcut Template

If you want to use ICAL Trending Capcut Template, then first of all you will have to download two applications in your phone and first of them you will download Capcut and secondly you can download any VPN, only then you will be able to use this template.

After this, first of all you will connect the VPN and after connecting, you will be given a link here, that is, you will get a button on which it is written Use This Template and as soon as you click on it, another page will open and After clicking on it Capcut will open.

Now the video you want to edit here, i.e. the video in which you want to apply this effect, then you will import that video here and automatically ICAL Trending Capcut Template will be installed in that video and that video will be edited.

After this, to save that video in your gallery, you will get the export button and by clicking on it you will export that video and after it is exported, it will be saved in your phone and after that you can watch it on any platform. Will be able to upload.

If you want to make your video viral quickly, then put it in trending music on Instagram and after that within just a few hours your video will go viral and in this way you can make many videos viral. And you can edit any video.


Today through this article I told you how you can edit any video using ICAL Trending Capcut Template and if you face any problem then you can comment below so that I will be able to understand your problem and I will be able to give you its solution.

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