How to Create a 3D AI Couple Chair Name Image Editing?

If you also want to 3D AI Couple Chair Name Image Editing, then today through this article I will tell you how you can edit 3D AI Couple Chair Name Image and you will be able to edit it without any problem.

You can create this photo very easily with Bing ai generator and if you do not know how to create and want to learn how to create 3D AI Couple Chair Name Image then you people can learn very easily because here I have told you well.

To create this photo, a prompt is required and you will find it below, which you will copy and paste there and make some corrections, then you can create the 3D AI Couple Chair Name Image as per your choice. So let’s teach you how to make this photo.

How to Create 3D AI Couple Chair Name Image Editing?

To make this photo, first of all you will find a button below, click on it. Then after this the bing website will open where you will get the option to paste the prompt, then here you will copy and paste the prompt given below.

Either you will copy this prompt and open the Bing application and go to the image creator and paste this and write your name, then a 3D AI Couple Chair Name Image photo will be generated and you can see this prompt here below, copy this only.

  • Create a 3D illusion for a profile picture of a 22-year-old couple sitting comfortably in wings chair. The boy is wearing a black shirt pant and sunglasses. And the girl is wearing a black saree and sunglasses. He is looking ahead. “CHHOTU” and “ARPITA” are written in large font on the black wall in the background.

After pasting this prompt, if you click on submit, then four photos will be generated in front of you and if you want to generate a new one, then you will click on create again, then a different type of image will be generated in front of everyone. It will come and if you click on the photo and click on the three dots, you will download it.

When you download this photo, after downloading it, you can share it on Instagram or Facebook or anywhere and one thing you have to keep in mind is that in the prompt, you have to remove the other name from here and add your name. You have to give it only then your name photo will be generated.


Today through this article I told you how you can generate a 3D AI Couple Chair Name Image photo and your name will be there in this photo which looks very nice and if you have any problem in making this photo. If you face any problem then you can comment below or go to Technical Chora channel on YouTube and watch this video where I have explained the complete tutorial.

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