WhatsApp Unban Technical Chhora | WhatsApp Unban Message

If your WhatsApp has been banned and you want to open your WhatsApp, then today through this article I will tell you how you can open your WhatsApp.

That’s why you have to tell the WhatsApp team that your WhatsApp has been banned and they should unban your number and after that WhatsApp checks your number and after everything is found correct, your number will be unbanned.

For this, will you people finally tell WhatsApp so that it corrects your number and after that you can use WhatsApp from this number? So let us know the complete method, how will you people correct it?

WhatsApp Unban Technical Chhora

If your WhatsApp has been banned forever, then to open it, first go to Google Chrome and search by writing WhatsApp Support and after that the official site of WhatsApp will appear at the top and click on it.

Now here under the WhatsApp messenger, an option of contact us will appear, by clicking on it you have to write your mobile number, email ID and message and submit it and many people get stuck here.

Because unless you write a correct message and submit it, your number is not going to be correct, so finally you will write there, I would like to tell you something for this.

Hello Team WhatsApp,

It is with great sadness that you have to say that my WhatsApp Number has been banned, while I have not violated your Terms of Service and account activity.

And I have not done any kind of spam, scam with my WhatsApp, and have not put the safety of any WhatsApp users at risk, but still my WhatsApp account has been banned by mistake.

Please try to unban it.

This is my WhatsApp Number: 

My Name: 

Here I am giving you a message, you have to copy this message from here and after copying, paste it there, then click on submit and after that click on next, then your message will be sent to WhatsApp.

Now you will have to wait for 72 hours i.e. 3 days, then after that you will get a reply from WhatsApp that your number has been unbanned and now you can use your WhatsApp.

Delete Third Party WhatsApp Application

Because of some new features, we all use third party applications instead of WhatsApp, so if you are using any third party application then you have to delete it.

For example, if you are using GB WhatsApp or FM WhatsApp, then you have to delete it and after deleting it, download the official WhatsApp from Play Store.

Or if you want, you can also use WhatsApp Business which you will find on Play Store. When your WhatsApp number will be unbanned, then sign up with your number on official WhatsApp only.

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